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    Date of Class:
    Day of Class:
    How Many Learners:

    Brooke Stady

    Date of class:2/5/2014
    Day of class: Wednesday
    PI: Julie
    SI: Gabby
    Assistants: Zadok, Gabby
    Module: measurements
    How many leaners: 20
    First day of class and there was a great show up! Julie did a great job. The group that I worked with really enjoyed,
    Julie taught measurements, so got them to practice saying Long, wide, length, tall, etc… towards the end of the class they were measuring objects and themselves on how many inches it was or they were. great show up, and class went really good!

    Julie Shannon

    Date of Class: 2/12/14
    Day of Class: Wednesday
    MC: Gabby & Julie (we shared)
    Module: Measurements
    How Many Learners: 14
    Score: Gabby (6, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6) and Julie (6, 7, 7, 6, 6, 6)

    We shared class prep and presentation. Gabby led ABC listen & point, as well as Name repetition. Julie led the class in vocabulary – long, length, wide, width, pounds, ounces, etc, & dialogue dictation – How tall are you? I am 6 feet tall. How much does the bag of apples weigh? It weighs 4 lbs. Everyone wrote it down, and we went around the room with folks practicing with each other. Then we did a document search with an ad from Walgreens. Folks looked for 16.2 oz, or 2/$5, 18 pack, etc.

    Great class, lots of laughing and multi-level engagement. We had 14 students including 3 new folks!

    Gabby C

    Date of Class: 2/19/2014
    Day of Class: Wednesday
    MC: Julie
    DJ: Gabby
    Assistants: Gabby
    Module: Measurements
    How Many Learners: 13
    Score: 41

    Julie did her unprepared class and it went very well. we worked on dictation a lot, trying to get everyone to pronounce inches, feet and had them measure their own finger and they would write down “my finger is 2 1/2 inches long”. I think class went really great! we had 4 new people 2 from Barnes and 2 new people, which was awesome! But other than that everyone seemed to enjoy it!!

    Julie Shannon

    Date of Class: 2/26/14
    Day of Class: Wednesday
    MC: Julie
    DJ: none
    Assistants: none
    Module: Measurment
    How Many Learners: 9
    Score: 7, 7, 6, 6, 7, 1 – total 34

    Very successful class. I taught solo tonight and did my 2nd unprepared class. I truly made it up as I went along, unlike last week when I came without a plan but quickly jotted one down upon arrival at the school. We did ABCs, Names (we did this a couple times to offer additional practice, first names & then last names). Then we did some dictation, practicing abbreviations words and abbreviations, as well as numbers to practice using “point” 3.5, 14.28, etc. Then I asked a higher level learner to help me with dictation. I jotted down a dialogue and we practiced saying it a few times, and then had the class write it down. “What should we measure? We should measure the table. How wide is the table? It is 3.5 feet wide” Then to increase participation, I asked class members “what should we measure?” and let them create ideas. Everyone enjoyed when one member suggested we measure our hair, especially when watching the men try to measure their short haircuts) Fun class!

    Brooke Stady

    Date of Class:3/12
    Day of Class:Wednesday
    Module: Maps/ Addresses
    How Many Learners:9
    What happened: Class started with just 4 learners.. one of them was new. Julie started with Alphabet and yell and spell, and during that time all other learners trickled in. They did some vocabulary dictation, and practiced pronouncing the words then worked on abbreviations of those words (street, road, avenue, etc..). Next was address dictation, then a map listen/find. The class ended with a short dialogue using the map (where is ???, It’s on SW….) Overall, learners were very engaged and interested in the class and there was a lot of laughing – together, of course. Julie rocked it! :)

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