People-Places-Things regularly gives workshops for language teachers and interculturalists. If you’d like us to hold a workshop or facilitate a dialogue, please contact or 503-522-1589

Our 1.5 hour “Working with Interpreters” Workshop is $150. It’s ideal to invite at least one person with Limited English Proficiency, and a person who is bilingual enough in English and that person’s language to role play interpretation scenarios. If P-P-T provides a Limited English Proficient person or bilingual person, please add $50 for each person we bring.


This is designed for any group that interacts regularly with persons with Limited English Proficiency and/or interpreters, either over the phone or in person.  Groups should be 25 or less so that everyone can practice. These workshops are active and will immediately reduce confusion on the part of providers, employees, and LEP persons if skills are applied in the workplace.

We specialize in Intercultural Communication – this includes any failure to communicate when people do not share expectations or world views.

Our workshops are short, dynamic, and memorable. Since they are a part of our marketing strategy we typically offer them for no cost or very low cost up to 100 people in the Portland Metro Area. Outside of Greater Portland, you’ll need to cover our travel costs.  Larger groups will require some discussion about outcomes and goals.  Our objective is to learn about the dynamics of your organization and establish a relationship that will allow us to provide you with ongoing communication services.

The goal of our work is to change the culture and communication in your organization. Every organization is different, but workshops are generally not sufficient to change organizational culture, though they can be a powerful part of culture change efforts.

If your organization is ready to commit to unleash the power of its diversity, take a look at our Organizational & Staff Development Page.


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