We don’t just want you to understand English – we want you to use it, too.

An experienced English teacher might charge you $20 or more per hour.  But it takes hundreds of hours to develop your proficiency. So you’re looking at $20,000. And yet.. English is everywhere! How can you leverage the people and culture around you to improve your skills? You need a Personal Trainer for your Language Goals.

English Proficiency Action Plan

I. Informal Consultation (15 minutes)
  • Literacy vs. Fluency
  • Why do you want to improve your English?
  • Brief Assessment
  • How fluent would you like to be?
  • How long do you have to reach your desired level of fluency?
  • How much time do you have to devote to practice on a weekly basis? (hours)
II. Proficiency Action Plan Development
  • 1 hour meeting
  • Background
  • Goals
  • Resources
  • Objectives & Timelines (plan good up to one year)
  • Discuss Learning Style, Motivation, Follow-Through
  • Resources, Referrals, estimated monthly cost
  • Payment Due $40
III. Plan Styles

Because your plan is customized, it’s difficult to summarize all of the possibilities – anything from passing the TOEFL to learning English while hiking! We can have you planting trees, volunteering at the Zoo, or practicing your office skills. Everything is Possible! Here are a few guideposts:

III. A – Choose Your Own Adventure: Self-Study approach

Recommended for Intermediate level speakers or above (CEFR B2+)

If you have an unusual or difficult-to-predict schedule, or are highly motivated and just need some options, or if you have a lot of time and a very little money, this style is for you! With your Proficiency Action Plan, you get:

  • A range of “Culture Adventures” to choose from
  • Guidance for volunteering with a local non profit
  • Suggestions to make the most of your self-study
  • Accountability approaches to keep you on track
  • A la carte fee-based support options
  • $20/ for each Proficiency Action Plan revision or renewal
  • Additional resources, support and follow through, as detailed in Section IV below
III. B – Pasante: Internship approach

Recommended for Low-Intermediate level speakers or above (CEFR B1+)

This is a certificate-based model that helps you with real-world language & culture skills with more support than the Choose Your Own Adventure. If you have a lot of time and a tight budget, but want a structured approach with concrete goals this style is for you! You will volunteer or intern with local organizations to improve your English while getting to know the People, Places, and Things of Portland.  You’ll start with a $40 Proficiency Action Plan, and add any of the following:

  • Individualized learning objectives – language / culture / social / professional skills & more!
  • A professional letter of recommendation and Certificate of Competence
  • A clear schedule, customized to fit your needs (you will need to set aside at least 20 hours a week, but it can be flexible)
  • A personal Culture Guide (tutor/coach/guide) ($15 – $40/hr depending on how specialized your needs are) to keep you on track
  • Volunteer or intern placement with a local non profit or business
  • Possible paid work opportunities
  • Additional resources, support and follow through, as detailed in Section IV below
  • 1 Mandatory Proficiency Action Plan revision (after 2 weeks) add/remove/sub services no refunds
  • $20/additional revision or renewal
III. C – Walk with Me: Fully Personalized approach

Recommended for High-Beginning level speakers or above (CEFR A2+)

This approach focuses on a personal Culture Guide (tutor) who can be with you very often to keep you on track and work with you however you need. Though this can be done economically, this will be the most expensive option. It’s best when you have less time and more money, and you are serious about achieving your proficiency objectives.  This is especially true if you are a busy professional with challenging objectives, academic goals, or you’re starting with lower skills or other barriers, such as a disability. You’ll start with a $40 Proficiency Action Plan, and then:

  • Select a Culture Guide/Tutor with a schedule and rate that fits your needs (usually $15-$40 per hour)
  • Completely customizable – All other options above are possible
  • Additional resources, support and follow through, as detailed in Section IV below are always available
  • Unlimited Proficiency Action Plan Revisions with your Guide
IV: Resources, Support & Follow Through

The following options are also available:

  • Complimentary Check Ins at P-P-T Connect
  • Portland ESL Network for English practice & study (no-cost, low-cost, and tuition options in Greater Portland)
  • Resource Page: Open to All
  • Informal Assessment: Included with Proficiency Action Plan
  • Formal Assessments: Product at Cost
  • Referral to Language Schools: House Pricing
  • Culture Guide (Tutor Matching)
  • Culture Guide Hourly Session Rate: $0/$10+/$20+ depending on Expertise
  • Personal Intercultural Consulting: 10% discount
  • Roommate & Homestay Matching: available for people with Proficiency Action Plans
  • Discounts on Cultural Services
  • Accompaniment: Culture Guide sets their rate
  • Help with setting up electronic reminders ($5 one time)
  • Text Reminders (3 free — $10/25 reminders)
  • 3 min Phone Check In (1 free – $10/12 calls)