Con Fluidez Spanish Language Services



Thank you for expressing your interest in Con Fluidez. Here are our requirements, workflow and pricing for interpretation and translation:

  • We need you to send us your project in a Microsoft Word document without any images.
  • We charge $0.10 per word so once we have the correct count, we can generate a quote.
  • We will return the translation matched page to page so you can sight-verify the accuracy.
  • We do not do any layout or graphic design.
  • We add 10% for difficult translations, and another 10% for rush jobs (depending on the size of the job).
  • We are very thorough in our translation, but we can have another native speaker double-verify for an additional 10% which generates an extremely high level of quality.
  • We will start work on your project once a quote is approved.

We also offer other services: cultural consulting, Spanish proficiency and homework help.

Please contact us at (503) 567-9349, or send us an email at

We look forward to working with you!