Language Facilitation Costs

Individualized Proficiency Plans

An Individualized Action Plan meets the need for more focused language practice, but it also builds cross-cultural bridges. P-P-T helps you make the connection to native Spanish speakers in our community, to help your language practice. We don’t just want you to understand language- we want you to use it, too!

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Partner Matching Service

A facilitator – a Guía Cultural – is somewhere between a tutor and a tour guide. The goal is to support your development where you’re at – from absolute beginner to highly proficient learner. We train our Guias to tailor your practice towards your specific goals.

Our Partner Matching Service gets you on the list! We’ll match you with a Guia to work with you. If the situation changes and the match doesn’t work out, we’ll match you with another Guia. This service expires one year from signing up and the cost is only $10 per year.

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