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    Monday & Wednesday, 6:00-7:30 pm

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    Date of Class:
    Day of Class:
    How Many Learners:
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific):


    Date of Class: Oct 21st, 2013
    Day of Class: Monday
    PI: Zadok
    SI: Gabby
    Module: In the Neighborhood
    How Many Learners: 6
    Score: 17 (old scoring)
    What happened: Forgot a lot of the set-up stuff, so had to make my own alphabet sheet out of crayon real quick. Still working out the kinks. Was a pretty good class, I felt; lots of laughing and all that. Five new students, and one from Barnes!


    Date of Class:10/23/13
    Day of Class:wed
    Assistants: marym
    Module:at the doctor
    How Many Learners:5
    Score: 49
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): This was the first time I have been to walker elem. so it was exciting to experience a new location. class went well, the learners were having a fun time. I had two people helping out which worked out perfectly. I could have done a better job with the allphabet, at times I was saying them to fast that some students couldnt keep up. I wasnt aware of it until julie told me at the end, so that will definately be something that i am more carefull with next time.


    Date of Class: November 4th, 2013
    Day of Class: Monday
    PI: Zadok
    SI: Gabby
    Module: Tri-met
    How Many Learners: 6
    Score:4.5+4.8+5.2+5+4.8+5= 29.5
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): Need to liven up the class a bit, a little too much dictation today. I think a student bad-mouthed me, but neither Gabby nor I could hear what the student said. When I asked the student to repeat themselves, they simply said I was a good teacher, which didn’t reflect the student’s disposition in the moment. Also have another lower level student who is really struggling, and kinda gives up trying a bunch. They were not as laughy this week as previous weeks, so need to keep that in mind.


    Date of Class: 11/6/13
    Day of Class: Wed, 6:15-7:30
    PI: Julie
    SI: Brooke
    Assistants: Verenice
    Module: Talking w/the boss
    How Many Learners:7
    Score: 46 (7,8,8,8,8,7)
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific):

    Class technically starts at 6:15, but we had some folks show up at 5:55, so I started them early with Alphabet Listen & Point. People continued to trickle in through Yell and Spell. In addition to having late comers spell their names, I asked the group for volunteers to test their name memory as a way to restate everyone’s names and help folks get to know each other.

    My lesson plan focused on practicing:

    Are you?/Yes I am, No I’m not; Do you?/Yes I do, No I don’t; Can I?/Yes you can or Yes please, No you can’t or No thank you.

    I dictated vocab related to dialogues we then practiced. Are you busy? Are you the manager? Do you need anything? Do you work here? Can I help you? Can I take tomorrow off?. I planned 3 diaglogues for each question. Originally I’d planned to dictate the first one, and then just verbally model/practice the 2nd & 3rd before having folks go around the table. However, a few folks seemed confused on our 1st non-dictated dialogue, so I decided to dictate each dialogue going forward which proved successful.

    Finally, to get folks moving around a bit and practicing “are you? I am, I’m not”, I had them stand up and I gave each person a slip of paper with an “are you” question, and an answer. They walked around the room asking their question. When asked a question, they gave the answer on the paper. This ended about 10 minutes before end of class, so I had them continue walking around using their “do you?” and “can I?” dialogues that we’d written earlier.

    Overall a great class! Great energy in the room, lots of laughing and helping eachother :)


    Date of Class:11/13/13
    Day of Class:wednesday
    Module: talking with the boss
    How Many Learners: 4
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): class was small today, but in a way it was good because julie and i were able to help the learners more individually. most of the exercises i had were dialogues and vocab. I think it worked very well.

    We practiced pronounciation on work/business vocabulary, and had a short dialoque requesting time off from work.

    all in all I think it was a good class.


    Date of Class: 11/20/13
    Day of Class: Wed
    PI: Julie
    SI: Verenice
    Module: Talking with the Boss
    How Many Learners: 5
    Score: 33 (6, 6, 5, 6, 5, 5)
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific):

    My lesson plan included alphabet; yell & spell, dictation of various jobs (bank teller, construction worker, etc); What does a bus driver do?/a bus driver drives the bus. – I brought some pictures to pass around with this activity; Listen & Find w/a time off request form from my office; Listen & Do; and finally a quick round of choral response & dialogue “what do you do?/ I’m a bank teller”.

    What I learned is that I overplanned for class and need to work on my transitions. I wasn’t as clear with students as I could have been when introducing the new activity (what does a bus driver do), and I could see some students were confused about what I was asking. Once I saw this, I took a step back and adjusted the activity and it went more smoothly. My final dialogue activity went much better using a technique Verenice uses by doing lots of choral response before going around the room. With a simplified dialogue they didn’t have to write it down, and did well after the oral practice.

    Though there were stumbling moments, it was still a great class overall w/lots of laughing and multilevel engagement. The students were very engaged in helping eachother thoughout the class w/spelling and pronounciation.


    Date of Class: 12/4/13
    Day of Class: Wednesday
    PI: Julie
    SI: n/a
    Assistants: n/a
    Module: Shopping
    How Many Learners:3
    Score: 6, 7, 7, 7, 4 = 31
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific):

    So, it turns out I misread the instruction about modules, and combined shopping w/ holiday, instead of just focusing on shopping. However, it was a fun engaging lesson plan about holiday shopping, and sparked some great conversation practice. We did the usual A,B,C and Yell & spell, and then I dictated a bit of holiday vocabulary.

    Then we focused on conversation dictation, round robin –

    1. Do you like holiday shopping? yes I do, I like the sales. No I don’t, it’s too crowded and chaotic.

    2. Do you have all your shopping done? Yes I do – I got some great deals on Black Friday.

    3. Are you ready to check out? Yes I am, do you take checks? Yes, if you have ID. Great, here you go. Would you like your receipt? Yes please.

    Fun class, lots of laughing and folks talking about their personal experiences, too.

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