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    Date of Class: 5/19/14
    Day of Class: Monday
    Time of Class: 12-2
    MC: Patrik
    Module: In The Kitchen
    How Many Learners: 4
    Score: 5+5+7+8+6+3= 34
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): A very small group today – especially compared to last week where it was quite large. But this gave a good opportunity to really get in deep, and since the group has moderately high skill levels, we were able to do a lot. We spent a lot of time getting down a recipe for ceviche, and comparing those; two learners were clearly making friends and that’s great; they were happy about the additional day in the summer, and asked for further language skills opportunities in the summer. I did take a day to update the site, though!

    David Rutiezer

    Date of Class:May 21, 2014
    Day of Class:Wed.
    Time of Class:12 noon-2pm
    Module:Talking with the Boss
    How Many Learners:6
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific):
    There is no more box of PPT materials: it seems to have disappeared. We had one new learner. We used a dictation and role play to become clearer on how to use can, do, did, will, would, could, and should. We used our own stories as dictations: think of a time when you were working and you asked for something, but didn’t get it. Then, we used brief scenes from the film Salt of the Earth and asked ourselves: if you were in the situation, what would you do?


    Date of Class: 5/19/14
    Day of Class: Monday
    Time of Class: 6-7:30
    MC: Ben
    DJ: Collin
    How Many Learners 8
    We had 2 more brand new students. They needed lots of help with pronunciation and hearing. The students were helping each other as always. There are getting to know each other and some of they are friends and making job connections.
    The class was fun. I have to recognize that I wasn’t very prepared at all with materials but the class worked well with the little material that I brought.

    Mary Louise W

    Date of Class: 5/27
    Day of Class: Tuesday
    Time of Class: 6pm
    MC: Robert
    DJ: ML
    Assistants: Cassandra
    Module: Mr. Fix It
    How Many Learners: 2
    Score: 40
    What happened: It was an interesting class, what with only 2 higher level students. Robert did a good job of extending activities and creating things on the fly. The 2 students had a lot of questions about pronunciation, plurals, and phrasing which were able to be practiced and explained more in depth than would have otherwise. Vocab words, scramble and a dictation were then followed by exploring different words and tenses that can often be confusing.

    David Rutiezer

    Date of Class:May 28, 2014
    Day of Class:Wednesday
    Time of Class:12 noon – 2pm
    Module:Talking to the Boss
    How Many Learners:5
    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): We did a dictation and role play about asking for a day off from work. We told stories from our own work lives ( I started with one of my own) and used them as dictations and choral responses. I tried a new activity that I made up: I brought a tennis ball and had us in a circle, throwing the ball and asking and answering with short questions & answers (“Can I? Yes you can.” “Should you? No, I shouldn’t. Do I? Maybe you do.” etc) as quickly as possible. We then used these phrases: no, I didn’t. Yes, I would. etc on slips of paper for a game of concentration. Finally, we sang Anything You Can Do. We had some fun and I saw some real progress from learners, especially with the activities requiring speaking out loud and without a lot of thinking. I’d like to work more on smoother transitions between activities.

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