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Judy Stone

Site: Rockwood Library
Lesson Title: Census 2020
Date of Class: Mar 09, 2020
Time of Class: 2:00 PM
MC: DanielGoofyProfessor
DJ: JudyAwesomeVolunteer
Module: census 20220
How Many Learners: 05
Materials Status (loyalty cards, alphabet sheets, etc): OK

Self Evaluation

Preparation: Forgot to Show Up (1) vs. Every Hair In Place (10) = 5
Technique: Completely Incompetent (1) vs. Flawless Delivery (10) = 5
Engagement: Snoring Loudly (1) vs. Absolutely Riveted (10) = 5
Connection: Open Hostility (1) vs. Kumbayah (10) = 6
Poise: Charlie Brown (1) vs. Prince (10) = 4
Reflection: “It was ok.” (1) vs. Life-changing Epiphany (10) = 6

What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): The subject of the class, census 2020, was one most learners had already heard about and therefor were not that engaged. It was also difficult to enliven the subject. The MC made a good effort, but unfortunately most learners didn’t connect with it. Nonetheless the learners stayed with it and accomplished the mastery of several challenging words. Also the interaction and support among the learners was impressive.