Relational Immersion

Ongoing Support. One of the biggest benefits to the Cliente, especially if they are enrolled in a Proficiency Action Plan, is that they can change Guías anytime, or work with many different tutors concurrently. You also make a schedule that works for you. If you meet at the Mercado, there will often be resources and someone on hand to ask questions. We provide support to all of our Guías, as well, from curriculum suggestions, to technical advice, to feedback.

What About Intercambios? We discourage a model of language bartering because usually the benefit accrues to the anglo rather than the hispano. Our Guías are serious about wanting you to improve your Spanish. They will either speak English fairly well, or be practicing their language skills somewhere else. However, because Guías are independent, you can make any arrangement you want!

No Shows & Accountability. Because Guías are not employees, we cannot refund any money. If your Guía doesn’t show, please let us know and we will prioritize another matchup for you. We do train our Guías to be professional and that means not making promises that they can’t keep. This is much less likely to happen for our experienced Guías. Your Guía may agree to waive the cost if they are late, and P-P-T can help you clarify the terms but cannot make this decision. On the other hand, if you are late, you’ll need to confirm with your Guía whether or not the meeting is still on. You should assume that if you are late, your session will end at the same time with the same cost, and if you cancel or are late, the Guía may no longer want to work with you.

If either party engages in unsafe or repeatedly disrespectful behavior, either or both parties may be removed from our matching list. There will be no refunds under these circumstances. Intercultural Communication is always confusing – and often frustrating. We all know to give a lot of leeway. But we ask that you tell us about any behavior that is discriminatory, rude, or unprofessional.

Ending the Relationship. There is no requirement for ending the relationship. We can’t make you continue to meet, though we encourage folks to say if they don’t want to meet again, and why. A reason need not be given, but it helps everyone if a Cliente says why they don’t want to work with Guía anymore, and does that well in advance of any arranged meeting. The same for the Guías – they may get a full time job or a better paying client or they may not feel comfortable or capable with a Cliente. They will notify us and we’ll notify you.