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Site: Rigler Elementary
Lesson Title: The Substitute
Date of Class: Mar 09, 2020
Time of Class: 9:30 AM
MC: PatrikKilpatrickEvolutionary
DJ: MC Entered attendance, no DJ
Module: Census 2020
How Many Learners: 3
Materials Status (loyalty cards, alphabet sheets, etc):

Self Evaluation

Preparation: Forgot to Show Up (1) vs. Every Hair In Place (10) = 3
Technique: Completely Incompetent (1) vs. Flawless Delivery (10) = 4
Engagement: Snoring Loudly (1) vs. Absolutely Riveted (10) = 4
Connection: Open Hostility (1) vs. Kumbayah (10) = 5
Poise: Charlie Brown (1) vs. Prince (10) = 5
Reflection: “It was ok.” (1) vs. Life-changing Epiphany (10) = 3

What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): it was great to have 3 learners, though I definitely imported two of them! I was a little late, because of picking them up, and was surprised because the lectura was cancelled, so only one of the learners was there, waiting. It was chilly, and we were late, so I tried the break room, which was ok for a while, until other people entered, then they were super self conscious. Was a poor choice to use that room. Still, the group got a lot of practice, and our new learner got to see how it all worked. And I was the substitute, and me and two learners got to go visit the statue of ramona, henry, and ribsy.