Confluencies: Intercultural Consulting for Organizations

The nature of diversity is changing in the US, as more and more Americans identify as multiethnic. Most of our communities and workplaces are ethnically and racially diverse, we know the buzzwords, and have been through diversity trainings. Yet still our communities lack the equity we are wanting.

This is because the achievement of equity is not just an “awareness”, it’s a set of structural relationships, and those relationships have to change. Awareness raising must be followed by policy shifts, organizational redesign, new behaviors and ways of relating. Systems of inequity don’t just disappear; they have to be dismantled and rebuilt. That takes time, and each situation is unique.

Our Crossroads services focus on your unique situation. We start by listening and observing, in order to gain an understanding of your organization, its people, and its goals. We then work with you to design solutions that work towards a model of equity that makes sense for your context. In the past we have worked on anything from communication and dual language intercambios, to power and privilege awareness, structural racism assessment and much more. We are intercultural experts, and can help your organization get beyond awareness, to actual change.


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