We don’t just want you to understand English – we want you to use it, too.

An experienced English teacher might charge you $20 or more per hour.  But it takes hundreds of hours to develop your proficiency. So you’re looking at $20,000. And yet.. English is everywhere! How can you leverage the people and culture around you to improve your skills? You need a Personal Trainer for your Language Goals.

English Proficiency Action Plan

Informal Consultation (15 minutes)
  • Literacy vs. Fluency
  • Why do you want to improve your English?
  • Brief Assessment
  • How fluent would you like to be?
  • How long do you have to reach your desired level of fluency?
  • How much time do you have to devote to practice on a weekly basis? (hours)
Plan Development
  • Schedule 1 hour meeting
  • Complete Background
  • Complete Goals
  • Complete Resources
  • Objectives & Timelines (plan good up to one year)
  • Discuss Learning Style, Motivation, Follow-Through
  • Resources, Referrals, estimated monthly cost
  • Payment Due $30 + add ons
Follow Through
  • Help with setting up electronic reminders ($5 one time)
  • Text Reminders (3 free — $10/25 reminders)
  • 3 min Phone Check In (1 free – $10/12 calls)
  • Complimentary Drop in Check Ins “Office Hours”
Plan Revision or Renewal
  • 1 Complimentary Action Plan Revision (after 2 weeks) add/remove/sub services no refunds
  • $20/additional revision or renewal
Add – Ons & Ongoing Deals
  • Resource Page: Open to All
  • Informal Assessment: Complimentary with Proficiency Action Plan
  • Formal Assessment: 10% Discount
  • Referral to Language Schools: House Pricing
  • Cultural Attache Tutor Matching
  • Cultural Attache Hourly Session Rate: $0/$10+/$20+ depending on Expertise
  • Personal Intercultural Consulting: 10% discount
  • Roommate & Homestay Matching: available for people with Proficiency Action Plans
  • Discounts on Cultural Services
  • Accompaniment: Attache sets their rate or 10% discount (subject to availability & skills required)