Real World Curriculum

The World Is Your Curriculum

People-Places-Things creates real-world curricula for intercultural competence. We have ready-made curricula and several training programs for common applications:

Language & Life Skills Curriculum

We’ve taken the entire world and turned it into a bunch of language (and culture) lessons. Our signature curriculum for community-based classroom settings turns the real world into bite-sized pieces, exploring the vocabulary, behaviors, themes and concepts that surface in particular contexts. We currently have 21 modules in use with dozens more planned. (Beta Version – English)

The Cultural Navigation Certificate

This is a complete basic cultural competence program for non-native English speakers who want to go from cultural outsider to cultural insider – or at least pass well enough for the job interview. The Cultural Navigation Certificate takes about 1 year to complete, and can be customized to fit specific needs, timelines and locales. It uses the Language & Life Skills Curriculum as a foundation and supplements it with practical skills development outside the classroom. (In Development for Portland, Oregon – English)

Cultural Orientation Certificate

This program is designed for newcomers, especially immigrants/refugees who are connected to an organization that prepares new arrivals to adjust to their new home.  Where the Cultural Navigation Certificate is a program for developing confidence and competence, the Cultural Orientation Certificate is really just taking a look good look around.  A survey. Recon.  A scavenger hunt of everyday life. It’s intended to be completed in 90 days or less, but can be done in 30 days without much trouble. If the newcomer speaks relatively good English, they can do it alone, though they might run into trouble a few times. For the adventurous, that’s part of the learning process. (In Development for Portland, Or – English)

Individual Training Plans

Let’s face it: If you went to Paris, wouldn’t you want to have your own personal tour guide who would not only show you all the local tricks, but also handle all the confusing situations and explain them to you, and teach you some slang, too? That’s kind of what we’re doing here. Newcomers and those outside the cultural mainstream have varying needs, goals, and resources at their disposal. A Culture Coach does an assessment, with an interpreter if necessary, and makes a plan (usually around 6 months) for how they can best reach their goals. The Coach may be an English teacher, but she might not be – she will, however, be able to refer her clients to other resources in the community (including language tutors and classes). (Beta Version of ITP Assessment available in English and Spanish).

Custom Curricula

When you need robust skills development or deep practical understanding for the English Language Learners you’re working with, People-Places-Things can create a customized curriculum for your organizational context. From the Food Handlers Test to the Citizenship Test; from the Department of Motor Vehicles to the Banquets Department; From Launching your Business to Customer Service Skills – we look at the world with the eye of an anthropologist, and prioritize the social skills and content areas that need to be mastered to be successful. We can also develop and implement the program for your community.