Milepost 0.1 – Ampersand: Facilitator Training

Most of P-P-T’s work is focused on opening US society to be more welcoming of immigrants and refugees, and building bridges over borders. We see our work as a key element of any effort to eliminate violent inequality around the world.  It’s all one path – it’s just a matter of which direction and how deep you want your journey to be.

In our flagship English for the Community Apprenticeship, you will learn to effectively facilitate multi-ethnic, multi-level groups in community-based English language and culture classes throughout Portland. You will gain experience, improve your leadership skills, expand your worldview, make life-long relationships, and help to create a more inclusive, connected world.

Your ability to support an English language learner to improve their language and cultural skills has little to do with your ability to speak English, and more to do with building trust, providing motivation, and understanding how languages are learned, by whom, and for what purposes.

These intercultural skills cannot be transmitted through explanation, but they can be learned through experience. And this experience is enhanced and enriched when it’s guided and supported. This is why we call our work as Interculturalists “facilitation of language & cultural skills development”, not “teaching”. To facilitate consciously means not only to constantly improve your technique, but also to expand your self-awareness and cultural competencies. Above all, to focus on working with the people you are working with, in the ways they need to be worked with.

All of our Interculturalist training programs will help you develop these skills, in a supportive & challenging multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment.

Classroom Assistant is for those who are really just wanting to volunteer with our community partners and have very little responsibility other than showing up. Come and hang out with us a little while, demonstrate that you’re reliable, and then show up regularly. The training requirements for this we call the Audition stage, and is always free.

Classroom Confidence Practicum (CCP) is our Junior Apprenticeship for basic classroom management, code switching, social equity, and language/cultural skills development facilitation. CCP is for budding Interculturalists who:

  • Have only a short amount of time and plan to go overseas or begin classroom work soon
  • Need a short practicum for an online or other training program
  • Plan to take on facilitation duties with just one of our community partners, but are not interested in going very deep with their skills
  • Experienced teachers who want to work with us and want to become familiar with our techniques and pedagogy

English for the Community Apprenticeship (EFTC) is our Apprenticeship for fully developing foundational classroom management, code switching, social equity, and language/cultural skills development facilitation.  EFTC is for committed Interculturalists who want to:

  • Become competent classroom facilitators
  • Earn a strong recommendation for English teaching or other reasons
  • Fully employ their creativity in the multi-ethnic classrooms and communities
  • Be a force for cultural change which includes work across ethnic and racial boundaries
  • Work through their own biases and prejudices
  • Use their privileges for good
  • Develop a broad set of skills for navigating all sorts of intercultural situations
  • Strengthen organizational, programmatic, and administrative skills that will serve them for the rest of their life
  • Have expedited referral to paid teaching options through P-P-T’s local and global networks
  • Continue to develop their intercultural expertise with P-P-T towards profit sharing or ownership

Social Equity Leadership Apprenticeship (SEL) is still in development, but we are excited to tell you a little bit about it. The idea is to create an apprenticeship program for anyone who wants to use their privilege for good. It requires you to do volunteer work, read a bit, connect with other people, study under community leaders, and work with others to make dramatic changes in society to end systems that produce inequality .

**Full Fee Schedule Below Is Scheduled To Take Effect Before September 1, 2019. Currently, Beta Testing Waivers and other fee reductions will be in effect and may change at any time, in addition to our regular waivers and assistantships listed below. Enroll today and ask us about current incentives!**

Training Program Classroom Assistant Classroom Confidence Practicum English for the Community Apprenticeship Social Equity Leadership
Estimated Time to Complete < 1 month < 3 months ~ 1 year ~ 1 year
Cost Free $245 $895 In Development
Enrollment Fee $0 $25 ($40 w/ Deck of Professions) $25 ($40 w/ Deck of Professions) $25
Levels Audition Instructor PractitionerFacilitator In Development
Completion Requirements Shadowing (4x) + Achievements Audition +
Dress Rehearsal +
10 Classroom Leadership Experiences + Achievements
Instructor +
35 Classroom Leadership Experiences + Achievements
In Development
Registration Online calendar Enrollment Meeting after Dress Rehearsal Level Up meeting after CCP Certificate In Development
Accreditation No No 2020 Expected No
Eligible for Profit Sharing & Paid Work       No No Yes Yes
Recommendations and References Limited Limited Yes Yes

Tuition Waivers and Assistantships

Tuition waivers and Apprenticeships are available. Enrollment fees (scheduled to begin upon EFTC 2.0 release, by September, 2019) are not waived.

CCP Waivers

EFTC Assistantships

  • Installment payments
  • Bridge Builders – For academic credit with advisor approval
  • Bridge Boomers – 50% discount over 55
  • Voces – 75% discount if POC
  • Carry On, Then – 50% discount for those enrolled in a certificate program requiring a practicum, referred through a program partner, or is a current TESOL certificate/degree holder

EFTC Full Tuition Waivers

  • In through the Americorps Door – Waiver for Americorps, Jesuit Volunteers and similar programs.
  • P-P-T Work Study – Spend 100 hours helping us grow, and we’ll spend our resources helping you grow
  • Your Work is Our Work – Spend 100 hours volunteering with an approved community partner any time in your life (or while you are training with us) – your service counts for cash with us
  • Praxis – any enrolled undergraduate can Assist 20 classes after their 4 Shadowing experiences and receive a full tuition waiver

We do not offer income-based discounts, we operate on a cash or sweat model. Everyone’s got something to give that’s valuable, and all transformation requires sacrifice. Ready to go?

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