Ways to Partner

Program Relationships, International

P-P-T is strengthening our collaboration with the Joy School in Luoyang, China (Henan Province). In June 2012, we sent our first graduate, Todd Stout, where he demonstrated extraordinary classroom skill. As a result, we are currently discussing a collaborative effort to train teachers on site. This school is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to live out side the US and make enough money to travel and live well without paying for housing. The Joy School is very well known in Luoyang, and garner such adherence that some of their employees have stayed for multiple years, a rather rare occurrence.

Canadian Educational Services in Valencia, Venezuela typically takes teachers for shorter terms of 3 to 6 months, teaching adults who work for large industries that do a lot of business in Venezuela. P-P-T’s founder, Patrik, taught for CES in 2005 and had maintained his relationship and is now providing the owner, Angel, with skilled, culturally competent English teachers. We made our first placement in May 2012 with Todd Burba, followed closely by Andy Scroggins as our second placement. Will you be next?

Program Relationships, Local

P-P-T currently is partnering with just about everyone who uses English – see our program partner pages. Because we are about support, flexibility and sustainability, we don’t rush you through. Because we let you take your time, you don’t get burned out, and you will make new friends with other teachers and learners here in Portland. And you’ll get to know people in non-profits who can be key connections in your job search. Just like us, these non-profits are trying to make connections between their learners and the mainstream culture. We are this connection. We are America’s Welcome Wagon!