For Registrants Only

All You Need To Go Through The Program

The Basic Lesson. This is it. If you follow this format, you’ll probably produce a pretty solid lesson that engages all learning styles, breaks the ice, and includes enough repetition and group engagement to make them excited to come back for more.

Agreement Document. This is the one-page agreement you need to sign to enter the program.

7 Virtues of an Interculturalist. These guiding principles will not only improve your ability to work cross-culturally – but also make you a better communicator and a better person.

English for the Community Certificate Requirements. These are the basic requirements for completing the EFTC certificate. They are being phased out, and will be replaced by September 2014. The essence of the program is to teach 50 classes and commit to being a better teacher and building bridges, so we’ll let you know where we’re at as you go through the initial stages of the program.

Student Handbook. This short, plain document describes the expectations of apprentices and P-P-T staff.

Teacher Progression. This document will be completely redone by September 2014. For now, it describes the stages of the program and what you are expected to accomplish and experience during each stage.

English for the World Requirements BETA. This is an early version of our TEFL Certificate – it focuses a little more on cultural adjustment for teachers in country, with an emphasis on regular communication and mentoring for specific situations in country.

4 Observations. Apprentices will experience each of these 4 Observations at least once during their journey.