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Judy Stone

Site: Rockwood Library
Lesson Title: Wash your hands
Date of Class: Mar 04, 2020
Time of Class: 2:00 PM
MC: AmandaAdventurousTraveler
DJ: JudyAwesomeVolunteer
Assistants/Shadowers/Auditioner: Kelzie
Module: Wash your hands
How Many Learners: 11
Materials Status (loyalty cards, alphabet sheets, etc): OK

Self Evaluation

Preparation: Forgot to Show Up (1) vs. Every Hair In Place (10) = 7
Technique: Completely Incompetent (1) vs. Flawless Delivery (10) = 7
Engagement: Snoring Loudly (1) vs. Absolutely Riveted (10) = 8
Connection: Open Hostility (1) vs. Kumbayah (10) = 8
Poise: Charlie Brown (1) vs. Prince (10) = 8
Reflection: “It was ok.” (1) vs. Life-changing Epiphany (10) = 7

What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): Great class. Learners were powerfully engaged and recognized that acting out this ever more important activity was very relevant. MC made good use of hand outs illustrating activity and good use of learners’ acting out activity. At the same time there was interaction among learners and the introduction of new words. Learners seemed to have a good time.