Guild Structure

People-Places-Things is organized as an LLC in the State of Oregon.

We are not a Non-Profit 501c3, some of the reasons why are here.

P-P-T PDX has an innovative organizational structure we call a “Guild”. We’re not a non-profit, not quite a business, and almost a school – we’re a collective of individuals who are committed to bridging cultural differences by connecting people through sharing language & culture. We are committed to self-development, social equity, mutual support, and economic opportunity.  This structure allows people to participate in a lot of different ways, including tiered sweat equity ownership.  We are practitioners of the craft of Code Switching. We take it as fundamental that the average person who lives on the margins will have more opportunity to develop their Code Switching skills than the average dominant culture person.

A quick overview of the Guild Structure as of 8/1/16:

Interim Organizational Structure – Phase II – Building the Guild

The guild was made up by experienced and confirmed experts in their field of handicraft. They were called master craftsmen. Before a new employee could rise to the level of mastery, he had to go through a schooling period during which he was first called an apprentice. After this period he could rise to the level of journeyman. Apprentices would typically not learn more than the most basic techniques until they were trusted by their peers to keep the guild’s or company’s secrets.” – Wikipedia

Guild Leadership

Guild titles designate levels of skill, knowledge, and responsibility in the organizational structure as Intercultural Professionals. Though it’s related to the Ownership, it’s not the same. Their scope is related to programming, culture shift, aesthetics, operations, etc.

  1. Maestrx  –
    1. May become a Socix (Class A Unit Holder)
    2. Has a Guild title, and a permanent advisory position
    3. Has submitted a “obra maestra” – a masterpiece, and invested a minimum of 30,000 EP
    4. May participate in Strategic Planning
    5. Has priority access to new contract opportunities
    6. Has priority access to funds for travel, professional development, conference expenses when available
    7. Automatic Class B Units each year (if yearly profit sharing model is adopted)
    8. Increased EP for Sweat Equity
  2. Practicante –
    1. Receives business title & job description
    2. Has a task they are doing as a way of showing their commitment to growing P-P-T and developing their insight and understanding of what we’re trying to do, and supporting the organizational structure.
    3. Internal Advisory group – TBD exactly what advised about – but probably deciding who gets contracts, who becomes a Jornalero or Practicante, approves new expense contracts
    4. Increased EP for Sweat Equity
  3. Jornalerx –
    1. May begin earning EP for Sweat Equity at 20 EP per hour
    2. Will be given specific tasks to do with oversight of someone else
    3. Graduated from the program or otherwise “approved” by some mechanism
    4. Eligible for paid jobs & full recommendations
  4. Aprendiz – (apprentice in training/Praxis)
  5. Donadx – (Shadower, Assistant, or a person donating services)
    1. Has not entered an apprenticeship program, and is not planning to
  6. Amigx – (Consistently interested in what we’re doing, part of the community, SO of Guild member)
    1. Signed up for newsletter
    2. May become a Compa by attending events

Business Interest/Ownership

This is the business side, not as much the mission side. On this side, you might be an accountant and not really an interculturalist at all. Or you might be both. This side is how you gain ownership and access to the infrastructure of the business as a business, and the benefits for helping out. It’s kind of like the idea of someone who lives in a house for free in exchange of taking care of the kids or doing domestic chores.

  1. Socix –
    1. Must be Maestrx
    2. Class A Unit Holder – legal owner of P-P-T (Member) along with tax liability
    3. Has a job title and/or administrative job function at manager or director level. Paying job or not?
    4. Required to participate in Member meetings, strategic planning, public events
    5. Monitors organizational health indicators
    6. If Profit cut model is adopted, is part of the Socixs Cut (especially because they have tax liability)
    7. Decides who becomes a Maestrx or Socix, as well as creates job descriptions, tax, profit distribution, Equity Accounting, Financial Accounting, HR, legal, and other administrative work.
  2. Interesadx–
    1. Receives Class B units = Profit Sharing
    2. Must be vested Equity Points before receiving Profit Sharing
    3. Eligible to become Practicante & and Gain Access to the Owners Circle and the rights and benefits after reaching the Threshold
  3. Aspirante –
    1. Has declared intention to become Interesadx and/or gain access to higher Guild levels
    2. Has received at least 1 Equity Point
    3. Limited access to Owner’s Circle benefits and rights
    4. Can be earning sweat equity as a Jornalerx or Donadx
  4. Afiliadx –
    1. Has invested something but not declared intention to become Interesadx or access higher Guild levels
    2. Anyone at this level or above is also a Compa (like part of the Team)
    3. Can be earning Sweat Equity as a Donadx, but not as a Jornalerx
    4. All Aprendices are Afilidxs until they graduate
    5. Access to all classroom materials on the website and limited access to curriculum materials
    6. Limited voice & access to P-P-T organizational property
    7. Some training, job notification, event, and travel opportunities will be open to all Compas
    8. Everyone invested the P-P-T Guild or Business is a Compa.

Class A Unit – Socix

Class B Unit – Interesadx


Other Organizational Levels/Titles

There are many different roles that people play in the organization, and they overlap with each other creating unique organizational spaces. Here’s a quick list of other names you can have in the organization.


Facilitator – Stage 3

Practitioner – Stage 2

Instructor – Stage 1

Audition – before entering the program


Role/Task Competence

Novice – inexperienced at a particular role

Trainee – learning how to do a particular role

Technician – competent at one job/task set, but doesn’t know how they fit together

Coordinator – able to bring together other people/tasks – Event Planning

Manager – Can make decisions about programs or events once the direction is set

Director – Sets the course & changes course for programs or the entire Guild


Hire Status:

Oficix – Can be hired at full price

Novatx – Not yet trained well enough for independent hire for classroom facilitation, but may be hirable under certain circumstances, such as by donation or at a training wage

Auxiliar – Cannot be hired – helper only


Facilitator Handle:

Profe – Can teach with Voz Alta

Shadow – Cannot teach with Voz Alta



Classroom Roles:

MC – Makes the lesson and performs it

DJ – Documents the lesson and supports the MC

Assistant – no responsibility but showing up on time and participating