Professional Development

A program of improving ones skills or knowledge within one’s vocation, which will often include participation in professional associations and continuing education. When we talk about high status professions like law or medicine, it is widely agreed that keeping up with the field is necessary. But there are particular challenges with two overlapping fields that P-P-T blends: Teaching and Interculturalist work.

The challenge with professional development as teachers, particularly if they are professors, is their professional development will often be more focused on their field of knowledge than the vocation of teaching. The challenge with Interculturalists is that it is not seen as a profession at all, though it cuts across all professions, vocations and communities. We hope to continue to bring to the front that both disciplines have best practices and should prioritize lifelong commitment to the craft, as well as connecting with other practitioners. In the case of Interculturalists, we have the opportunity to validate “code switching” skills, or the ability to effectively cross cultural boundaries – a skill set that many people who experience marginalization have, and many people who occupy privileged positions in society do not.

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