We use facilitator in two senses – a general one is the person who is in charge of moving the actvity flow forward in a lesson or excursion. In the classroom, we call that person an MC. Though we have to use “teacher” from time to time, we think that the way most people use “teaching” they are thinking about imparting ideas. We use “facilitator” to help clarify that our classroom and excursion leaders are creating opportunities for learners to develop skills – they are “facilitating skills development.”

We are inspired by our experiences with Educación Popular which focuses on drawing from the collective wisdom of the group, working together, dynamic activities that create connection. And a little Teatro Oprimido as well.

We also use “Facilitator” to refer to the final stage of our English for the Community Certificate Program.

Graduates of our training programs are not only experienced at “facilitating the development of language and cultural skills”, but they can facilitate the action in a group learning environment in a dynamic and culturally responsive way.

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