A language/culture learning experience that is outside of a classroom. It can be indoors or outdoors, and it can have a duration of anywhere from minutes to days. It is characterized by an environment to navigate which is probably not designed specifically for language learning. In our terminology, we would use the term “excursion” the same way we use “lesson” in a classroom setting. There are still learning objectives and activities, as in a managed classroom experience; but instead of materials and media, there are locations, objects and events. Facilitators plan activities, coordinate logistics, direct action, and provide real-world scaffolding. Excursions are more unpredictable than managed classrooms, but more relevant and contextualized. Another way of thinking of it: in a P-P-T classroom, the facilitator brings the real world to the learner; in a P-P-T excursion, the facilitator brings the learner to the real world.

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