A person learning a trade or skill from an expert person in that particular craft; a novice. An apprentice usually studies under a “master craftsman”. After completing their apprenticeship, they become a journeyman.

People-Places-Things thinks the development of intercultural skills is a craft, and equates the advancement of these skills as a process of developing a high degree of competence in navigating unfamiliar cultural environments.

We call our beginner interculturalists Aprendices, which is the Spanish word for “apprentices” or “learners”. Graduates are called “Jornaler@s” which means “journeymen” in Spanish (we have adopted the convention of using @ to refer to both genders). Practicantes, which translates roughly to “practitioners”, are Jornaler@s who have completed their journey and are intentionally moving towards a lifetime of dedication to mastery. Maestr@ translates as both “teacher” and “master craftsman”. The subtle change from the academic term “master” to Maestr@ helps us move away from the unpleasant racialized connotation in English, reclaiming the idea of a teacher as someone who has achieved mastery of their craft, and who has a passion for passing it on to others.

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