Non-Certificate Professional Development

P-P-T helps you explore your unique undeveloped strengths as a language teacher, group facilitator, primary or secondary teacher, or cross-cultural specialist. We are happy to develop a custom professional development plan, or try one of these options:

  • $35 – Observation and Assessment – We will observe your class, write a short analysis of your technique, and have a one hour conversation about it.
  • $150 – 5-Class Plan – We will meet with you for 30 minutes and discuss an area that you’d like to strengthen. Then we’ll visit a class or session and follow with a customized development plan that suits your needs. The length of time to complete the plan will vary depending on the nature of the goal, but includes a total of 5 classroom observations.

P-P-T encourages all teaching and cross-cultural professionals to invite their colleagues to observe, analyze, and critique their technique.