The Aspirational Land of People, Places & Things

This map represents the landscape of possibilities you can navigate in your journey to be a Classroom Facilitator, Proficiency Coach, or other Intercultural Communication Specialist.

As you progress and gain more skills and experience, you can earn paid teaching contracts, pursue your own creative language teaching dreams, travel overseas or teach online, manage P-P-T’s programming for pay or for experience, and finally, become an owner of the company!

Explore the interactive spots on the map to learn more.

Why Explore the Land of People, Places & Things?

  1. Get hands-on, real-world practice.
  2. Gain confidence and flexibility in classroom and one-on-one learning settings.
  3. Develop genuine relationships with learners and facilitators.
  4. Engage in self-reflection, evaluation, and growth—both personally and professionally.
  5. Serve as a welcoming, reliable ally and resource to immigrants and refugees throughout the Greater Portland area.
  6. Develop an intercultural perspective that informs teaching techniques, increases empathy, and helps you see the myriad ways you fit into your local communities and the community at large.
  7. Challenge your expectations of what language instruction is and can be.
  8. Practice different techniques in a supportive environment and get feedback and guidance on what works, what doesn’t and why.
  9. Earn your way into paid teaching and profit-sharing opportunities.
  10. Become part of a ragtag community of interculturalists around the world!