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People-Places-Things is not a language school.

We are practitioners of the art of Intercultural Communication.  Our craft has been passed down for 4,000 generations. We are interpreters, sojourners, diplomats, and bards. Those who fear us make us exiles and immigrants. At our best we are teachers, organizers, and healers. Anthropologists, missionaries, spies and settlers employ our techniques, though for very different reasons.  We bring people together.

We are continuously developing our expertise in Code Switching, Group Facilitation, and Coaching/Training/Mentoring. We turn language barriers into bridges between people. We’re great listeners, observers, conversationalists, and the ultimate cultural relativists. We have our biases and preferences, but ultimately, we believe everyone has a spot to stand on this earth, and racism and ethnocentrism mark a limited ability to perceive the beauty and utility of Difference. We believe that people change when they meet other people, so there’s no need to tell people what to think – in fact, you can’t. When we are in contact with each other in meaningful ways over a period of time, and when that connection is supported, we come up with our own thoughts. We call that process “social evolution”.

We are not always Teachers, though sometimes we teach. Education always happens where we are, but that’s because we are connoisseurs of the Teachable Moment. We don’t often call ourselves Educators because that can imply formalized institutional structures, fields of study, and an emphasis on conceptual development. We prioritize instead Interpersonal Connection, Social Equity, and Experiential Learning. We are Facilitators who bring people together to share information and experiences.

If you are ready for the Interculturalist journey, P-P-T offers several routes to support the development of your basic skills and abilities. We can point you in the direction of deeper competence and skill building as well. We learn by doing.

Choose Your Next Adventure:

Are you interested in teaching English, traveling overseas, learning how to navigate cultures different than yours, or developing your facilitation techniques? Learn more about Ampersand, our program area that focuses on culturally responsive facilitation training.

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If you already know you are ready to shadow a class, just click right here:

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Are you interested in learning Spanish or another language? Proficiency Planning is a service we offer to help you meet your language & cultural skills development goals. We call it Pasarela.

Do you or someone you know want to improve their English language & cultural skills? Footbridge is our high-context customized proficiency planning for improving English skills.

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Is your non-profit or business interested in cultural competence, program development & implementation, or workshops – take a look at our Crossroads program area.two train tracks converge, cross, then diverge drawn with chalk on blackboard