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    Site: Earl Boyles Elementary
    Lesson Title: Earl Boyles
    Date of Class: May 23, 2019
    Time of Class: 9:30 AM
    MC: PatrikKilpatrickEvolutionary
    DJ: MC Entered attendance, no DJ
    Module: The Great Outdoors
    How Many Learners: 2
    Materials Status (loyalty cards, alphabet sheets, etc): good for now!

    Self Evaluation

    Preparation: Forgot to Show Up (1) vs. Every Hair In Place (10) = 4
    Technique: Completely Incompetent (1) vs. Flawless Delivery (10) = 6
    Engagement: Snoring Loudly (1) vs. Absolutely Riveted (10) = 7
    Connection: Open Hostility (1) vs. Kumbayah (10) = 6
    Poise: Charlie Brown (1) vs. Prince (10) = 6
    Reflection: ā€œIt was ok.ā€ (1) vs. Life-changing Epiphany (10) = 4

    What happened (as short or as long as you like, but be specific): Last class at Earl Boyles. worked with google maps with some success. But then walked around the school, and that worked well. High engagement from our Chinese speaker who clearly announced anything written in Chines, and really appreicated pointing out words on signs, and took pictures of each one. Then went outside.. lightpole, bench, curb, grass, parking lot, pavement

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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