White Supremacy

This is the classic foundation of the US – the white house built by slaves, immigrants, and free African Americans. Manifest Destiny, the Indian Wars, and the Antebellum South. Even the major wave of European Immigrants in the 20’s who weren’t allowed into whiteness as many white people will remind us nowadays. But largely speaking, Irish, Italian, Polish, and German descendants have arrived at whiteness. The active hate of groups like the KKK is now seen to be as distasteful as the sexist advertisements of the 70’s.

Whiteness is at a crisis point. Immigrant families now are not considered white – European migration has not been the front page story in immigration. For whiteness to move forward, if it wants to survive, it’s going to have to frame itself as a dominant minority, like South Africa. It’s going to have to become brown by changing the skin color requirement, or it’s going to have to disappear or transform itself unrecognizably. P-P-T intends to support the effort to eliminate whiteness by providing English speakers (often white) with the support structure they need to dismantle oppression in our neighborhoods.

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