Any leadership skills development program should include some kind of reflection. Reflection can take the form of journaling, dialogue, or other method. Self-evaluation is another approach. We use a rubric to do self-evaluation after each class on 6 different dimensions to encourage Profes to keep important elements in mind.

Some Aprendices have expressed concern that there’s not enough objective evaluation in this program. Because we are not a knowledge-based program, the elements that are objectively evaluated are the specific tasks that comprise the program. It’s not about doing it right – but about doing it well. So, for example, we believe that it’s important to do a self-evaluation and post your classroom reflection the same day as your class. Our cultural orientation towards getting a good grade and having something deep to say gets in the way of doing the task, the habit which contributes to making one a good teacher – simply doing the self-evaluation with enthusiasm (not as much what the scores are) and posting the reflection in a timely way (not so much whether it’s deep, but that it’s there).

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