The condition of people persistently separated based on some quality or characteristic. Most relevantly for P-P-T, we are trying to create integrated communities that celebrate their ethnic and linguistic diversity. Segregation/separation is not always bad, but there are many benefits to integration, also. We can see that the logics of racism and class have allowed our communities to become segregated, even though in many cases, the people themselves don’t want that.

Our tagline is “Bringing People Together” because we focus specifically on methods, techniques and strategies for integration and development of authentic relationships. People at times may not want that, and that’s ok. But when they do, as is the case for many internationals living in the US, support is required to facilitate that happening with a minimum of frustration. It’s similar for locals who want to connect with newcomers – the desire is there, but they will need support to do that with a minimum of frustration or offense.

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