Reverse Racism

Doesn’t exist. Many people think that when a person of color expresses bigoted opinions, possibly even active hatred towards a person of color, that’s demonstrating reverse racism. Or that Affirmative Action is racist because it prioritizes rebalancing institutional access for folks of color. This can only be understood as a dead end for the Doctrine of Diversity. The Doctrine implies that all diversity is equal, and to advantage any group on the basis of race is itself racist. The Doctrine of Diversity has percolated throughout white culture and manifested in the form of Colorblind Racism and Reverse Racism. The reason it’s a dead end for social justice is that it doesn’t take into account white supremacy, white superiority, and institutional racism. Our cultural aversion to naming white supremacy/superiority is what allows white people to say it’s unfair to advantage one group over another. This logic makes sense when you believe everyone has an even playing field. And that’s why the Doctrine of Diversity is not anti-racist, it is actually racist (meaning, it supports and perpetuates racialized inequality).

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