Praxis is the cyclical, mutually responsive dialogue between theory and practice. You make a plan, then start to implement it, then revise it, and move forward. The praxis is the combination of the theoretical perspective, the practical implementation, and the process for the mutually responsive dialogue. Sometimes your theory or ideology requires that you approach updating your plan in a very specific way. It is the manner in which you implement your theory under real world conditions, and how your experience in turn then change your theory.

P-P-T PDX’s praxis about language learning, immigrant integration, and cross-cultural community building is reflected in the Voz Alta Approach. Our praxis had to include several factors: two-way learning between facilitators and learners, insightful observation of participant behaviors, anti-colonialism, flexibility, movement, connection and mutual support, replicability, localism, and minimal resources, among many others.

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