Pie is one of the core metaphors in US culture. It signifies down-home goodness (especially apple pie) and wholesomeness. It can evoke the white suburban America of the mid-20th century. A pie is welcoming, especially when brought to new neighbors.

A pie is also used to talk about something of value which is split (“to have a piece of the pie”). Related to this is the common visual representation of demographic and other information in a “pie chart”.

P-P-T adopts and adapts this core metaphor, borrowing from and transforming white suburban America. Now the pie is the American Dream, and we are America’s Welcome Wagon. We are bringing that pie to newcomers to the US, whatever their background. We are good neighbors. We are sharing the pie in a neighborly, but also a communitarian, way. Finally, we use pie in a new sense – Bringing the Pie.

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