Bringing the Pie

“Bringing the Pie” is the phrase we use for facilitating a lesson. The MC “brings the pie”. The lesson itself is a “recipe”. We strike a balance between good technique and individual creativity in our program by giving apprentices a “recipe” of techniques that are likely to produce an edible pie. But just because you have a good recipe doesn’t mean your pie will necessarily turn out well – you have to follow the recipe, and it often helps to try a recipe several times.

Aprendices should be trying to make the best pie they can as often as possible. This is a training program where you have an opportunity to really challenge yourself. Some days you work really hard and nail it; other days, you are in a rush and you stop at the grocery store and pick something up. We ask everyone to evaluate themselves after each lesson and ask them: was your attempt at bringing the pie today better than average?

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