A personal transformational process of developing of cultural competence in a new cultural environment, whereby a cultural outsider becomes more and more able to effectively navigate situations in an unfamiliar cultural environment,and abandons the behaviors and attitudes of their home culture.

People-Places-Things’ methods and techniques are designed to facilitate acculturation in a culturally responsible way. We believe there are a range of behaviors and attitudes that are observable among experienced interculturalists that allow them to effectively do things in an unfamiliar cultural environment in a way that emphasizes mutuality, respect, and gracious flexibility. Contrast this with accommodation which is when the newcomer learns to navigate their new culture without abandoning their home culture; integration which emphasizes the two way process where the wider cultural environment develops mechanisms for inclusion and support for the acculturation process; refusal which is when a newcomer resists acculturation; xenophobia which is when a culture demonstrates behaviors and attitudes hostile to inclusion and support for newcomers acculturation process.

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