Chinese Laborer Walks Home for Chinese New Year

Original Tencent Article (Text is also copied below the English Translation)

Labor Wages Unpaid, Henan Man Walks 20 Days to Return Home for Chinese New Year

January 11th, 2017

Shangqiu Public Security via WeChat

Broke or rich, get home for the Spring Festival! The time is approaching, and many migrant manual laborers are longing to return home and have a Spring Festival reunion. Take this person for example, a middle aged man also preparing to return home, who unfortunately met with some misfortune along the way.

On the afternoon of January 10th, next to the Shangqiu highway toll booth, a man was walking along the shoulder of the road, with a large bag on his back and a smaller bag in his hand, limping towards a local policeman, when he suddenly collapsed on the road and began shaking. What’s wrong with him?

Upon seeing this, the policeman quickly ran over, carried the man’s bag into the toll booth and gave the man some food. After eating the food and warming up, the man intermittently told the policeman his story. His family name is Song, he’s from Zhoukou and works in Shandong. His boss originally said that he would receive his wages after a job well done, but after the work was done, the boss was nowhere to be found, and Song had no way to contact him. All of his blood and sweat were flushed down the drain. So, he had no choice but to take his belongings and walk over 300 kilometers from Shandong to Zhoukou. Amidst his suffering from hunger and cold, he finally reached this town’s police officer.

After hearing the man’s story, the policemen had no choice but to offer some assistance. After Mr. Song got some rest, the police officers gave him enough money to get a train home. Hopefully he can at least have his Spring Festival reunion!

打工没给钱 河南一男子徒步20天回家过年